Tuesday, December 6, 2011

John G. Jackson-Selected Bibliography

John G. Jackson is one of my favorite writers. I first became familiar with his writing in my last year of high school. Introduction to African Civilizations (1974) sparked my interest in African History and I have not stopped reading since. It was also through Jackson that I first became familiar with the writings of Egyptoloist Gerald Massey.

The following is a selected bibliography of his works:

Selected bibliography
  • Ethiopia and the Origin of Civilization (1939)
  • Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth (1941)
  • Man, God, and Civilization (1972)
  • Introduction to African Civilizations (1974)
  • Foreword to Gerald Massey's Lectures (1974)
  • The Mysteries of Egypt (1980)
  • The African Origin of Christianity (1981)
  • Egypt and Christianity. Egypt Revisited (1982)
  • The African Origin of the Myths and Legends of the Garden of Eden (1984)
  • Was Jesus Christ a Negro? (1984)
  • Christianity Before Christ (1985)
  • Black Reconstruction in South Carolina (1987)
  • The Golden Ages of Africa (1987)
  • Hubert H. Harrison: The Black Socrates (1987)
  • Ages of Gold and Silver and Other Short Sketches of Human History (1990)
  • Introduction to The Story of the Moors in Spain (1990)
  • The Empire of the Moors (1992)
  • Krishna and Buddha: Black Gods of Asia. African Presence Early Asia (1996)


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